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What is Social Trading?

Social trading is the financial side of social networking that has emerged with the advent of web 2.0 in the recent years. These sites support traders and investors electronic trading on stock markets. The term is used to refer to social networking sites dedicated solely to the capital or currency market trading.

How Social Trading Works?

The sites are focused to support decision making in financial asset electronic trading. Professional traders can spread their “word of mouth” while learning newbies can gain from the insight for free. The basic concept is to provide easy access to financial markets to all traders regardless of what they can afford. Trader’s profit volumes depend on their ability to anticipate market shifts and act ahead of the market. Technical analysis and Financial interpretations can provide useful figures but market sentiment is the one variable that is more difficult to gauge.

What It Costs?

Online trading communities like this are open to professional as well as new traders. Most sites like tradescircle work on the model of a typical social networking site like Facebook or twitter you can subscribe free for basic features but will have to pay extra for additional advanced the newest innovation on this front that sources stocks information from multiple exchanges and feeds. It is a trading platform that provides real time data feeds to facilitate investors and traders. The social trading site combines electronic trading features. Aspiring traders and investors can register for free to research investment opportunities before they make a buy or sell call.

So, why do stock prices change? The best answer for this mind boggling shadow is that nobody really knows for sure. The only thing we do know is that stocks are volatile and can change in price extremely rapidly.

Why Professional Traders should Join Traderscircle?

Expert traders do not need to learn how to gauge the market or respond to the market moves but they do see the potential a social traders forum holds for them. Firstly, The collective opinion of the forum members is a strong indicator of the public opinion about the trader’s favourite stocks and they can use market trends to market their portfolios. Moreover they can also recruit skilful followers to join their gang, track how their competitors trade, and identify better investment opportunities.

TradersCircle is one of social trading websites that has given collaborative trading a new face. Its members can share more than just opinions, advice or analysis. The site members can form investment groups and pool funds to place bids on stocks. The site focuses on US stocks and sources NYSE, NASDAQ and S&P500 stats for its members..

Basic level subscription to this website is free which makes it way for traders to start on their own. Basic members can gain from all social community features like messaging, posting news feed, posting videos, extending friends circle with like minded peers. In addition they can also do live chat on the website for up to 30 minutes a day. The basic data plan for free subscription is RTX/delayed web data plan which means it does not cover live news feed or real time data from the exchange. The users can still analyse trends from three different types of charts that show historical trends for up to last 10 years.

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